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Fall in a Bowl

October 11, 2017


Making the Perfect Place into the Perfect Home

October 4, 2017

Where there once stood a 50-year-old 800-square-foot home in a five-acre clearing in some of the most beautiful countryside in rural Indiana, there now stands a 5,000-square-foot, magnificent modern log home. Although the two homes that have occupied this land are dramatically different, the tastes and preferences of the homeowners – and their family – have not changed. Instead, they have grown, and with them, their space and environment have grown and evolved as well.

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When “Can I get a Pony?” Grows Up

September 27, 2017

Arenas, Arabians, bridles, breeders, stalls and stallions – terminology of the horse world. Fredrick Remington, Far Niente, Rolex, Ralph Lauren, Weatherbys and White Cedar…Town + Country White Cedar – Terminology of the equestrian world. It’s about the whole package, the life … the style. Read more

Modern Living with Rustic Roots

September 20, 2017

In Northern Michigan the transition from summer to fall begins to whisper with the changing, rustling leaves and cool breezes. What you’ll also find in places like Northern Michigan is that log cabins are not a thing of the past. Modern amenities reside comfortably alongside a rustic ascetic.

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‘Tis the Season

September 13, 2017

College Football Season

The best place to be early Saturday in the fall is surrounded by friends, outside of the stadium back at Michigan, Colorado or wherever you spent those carefree learned days…even Notre Dame. The aromas, the stocked cooler, the colors and old college buddies all combine to make the college football experience truly something special. But not all of us can get back to campus every Saturday. Here’s what we’ll be doing this coming Saturday at Casa White Cedar… Read more

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