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Spring in a Bowl

April 14, 2022

When we aren’t designing, sculpting, crafting, producing, building, or something to do with White Cedar, we cook…

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Dressed in White

January 26, 2022

Why. We. Love. Winter.


“You can’t get too much winter in the winter”…..Robert Frost Read more

Light Up the Night!

December 6, 2021

Log home outdoor lighteningYou have had this dream log home ratting around in your conscience for some time, daydreaming about it in meetings, sketching it on the back of napkins, pointing out similar photos that come across your social media feed to anyone in eye-shot. Every detail. Interior trusses. Exterior rooflines. Great Room windows. Stone masonry. Flooring, plumbing fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, toilets….. But, chances are, this design of yours is missing something and it’s because you have been dreaming it “in the light of day”. There are 24 hours in a day and, when you average them out for that trip around the sun, about half are in the dark. These hours are the ideal way to add that extra drama, beauty, allure and, to quote Emeril Lagassé, that “BAM” to elevate it to the extraordinary. So when the sun starts going down, light it up! Read more

There’s No Place Like Home

September 21, 2021

Pro-tips on visiting us this time of year

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“Show Me Your Good Side”

May 26, 2021

Cedar Home SelfieWhen taking group pictures, it’s more than likely that you’ve been forced to switch places with your friends because “that’s not my good side” or “I look better on the left.” Personally, I am fine standing on the left or the right, the middle, the front, or even the back of the pack. I don’t shave only one side of my face, press only the bottom half of my suit and sure hope my stylist pays as much attention to the back of my head as the front. That’s just me. But, trust me, I do get it. I’m not slamming anyone for wanting to look good. Read more

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