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Cabin Fever

December 5, 2023

What would you picture if I asked you to close your eyes and imagine a cottage? Would it be a cozy wood-sided house in a beach town, a quaint thatched-roof home in the countryside, or maybe a Tudor-style house straight out of a fairytale? As it turns out, after researching this concept a bit more in depth, none of those images is technically wrong, even though those houses are quite different. Read more

You Say Tomato…

September 15, 2023

tomato tart recipe‘TIS THE SEASON! Heirloom tomato season!

As you all already know, we don’t just craft over-the-top luxury log homes, we cook (eat). Sometimes even grow things… other than trees… like tomatoes!

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Luxury Log Home Designs — Redux

February 1, 2023

Luxury log homeAre you in the exciting process of designing and constructing a luxury log home? The best laid plans demonstrate a harmonious vision of the surrounding property and your own personal style. Did you know that the design you ultimately choose reflects as much about you as it does the land around it? Read more

A Sappy Log Home Company

November 26, 2022

Log home ChristmasYes, those people that live in the great North, live the log home lifestyle, that hew timbers by hand, that chop and cut and haul and scribe and craft and build those custom log and timber homes no matter the time of year or weather, get sappy around the holidays. How can you not? The White Cedar homes we craft just scream out to be decorated and celebrated at this time of the year. Remember this post? What’s not to love? Read more

The Forest Through the Trees

September 14, 2022

Northern White Cedar

cedar with ice on the branches

Northern White Cedar, or Thuja occidentalis, is a small to medium sized tree that can be found along streams, in bogs and cedar swamps. It is easily recognized by its small, flat, scale-like leaves that are tightly bound to the twigs. Small cones are often present. When crushed, the needles will produce an aromatic cedar smell. When lumbermen first entered the vast forests where the Northern White Cedar grew, they instead harvested the abundant white pine. Except for furnishing decay-resistant wood to shingle bunkhouses, the Northern White Cedar was ignored.

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