Luxury Log Home Designs — Redux

Luxury log homeAre you in the exciting process of designing and constructing a luxury log home? The best laid plans demonstrate a harmonious vision of the surrounding property and your own personal style. Did you know that the design you ultimately choose reflects as much about you as it does the land around it?

Personality and Style

When determining what kind of luxury log home design is right for you, consider your personal taste and style. Do you consider your approach to be modern and contemporary or more traditional? Do you enjoy a large, spacious building, or do you feel more comfortable in small, quaint quarters? Perhaps you fall somewhere in the middle. Town + Country Cedar Homes present a variety of home styles for you to choose from: rustic refined, equestrian, country, sophisticated, cottage and seaside designs; or, as many have done, “If you can dream it, we can produce it”


Where is your land? Location plays a huge factor into what design makes sense for your home. You might not build a modern glass seaside cabin on a mountain top in Colorado where it will surely face extreme winters and snowfall. You probably want something a bit more durable. Aside from practicality, it may look a bit out of place.

Utilitarian Purpose

Consider the reason behind your desire to build a luxury log home. Is it because you want a cozy home away from home during the holidays or is it because you want a place to store all your cool outdoorsy toys while on your ski vacation? Do you want a family friendly atmosphere in the country for summer vacations or a sleek, modern smart home located just outside the city that you impress your friends with on weekends?

Rustic Refined

Rustic refined log home

This style of updated ‘cabin in the woods’ exudes rural charm. Think ‘fancy hunting lodge.’ Characterized by roughly dressed wood, neutral earth tones, and natural surfaces and textures; this polished modern technique subtly appears to organically combine a look that is equally radiant and bright while effortlessly earthy and naturalistic. If you find your rustic refined design is too traditional, this style home can easily be modified with contemporary upgrades.



Equestrian log homeAre you a fan of Lincoln logs? Is your property on a picturesque ranch surrounded by incredible, sublime vistas? Are you planning on raising and breeding prize-winning stallions in a stable that matches your beautiful log ranch style home? Or at least looking like you might be capable of such a pursuit? With leather and brass tack, this look is reminiscent of the long stables and barns found at an equestrian facility.



Country log homeIf you are a good ol’ country boy or girl building your dream log home in the backwoods of Kentucky, this might be the right design style for you. Then again, regardless of whom you are or where you live, if you just happen to love cozy, traditional down home country charm, then this is definitely the right design for you. Country log homes are often casual and laid back in style, designed with soft, muted colors, straight lines, hand-forged metal accents, and floral, checked and striped patterns. Don’t let the name ‘Country’ fool you into thinking this is the style of any country bumpkin; instead, think of the elegance and luxury of a gorgeous summer home nestled in the country.


Sophisticated log homeContemporary. Sleek. Fresh. Who knew you could use all of these terms to describe a log home? You may be drawn to a sophisticated style if you are a lover of smooth lines, minimalism and modern art. A sophisticated luxury log home design with discreet features is a flexible style. It’s wonderful for the organized sorts who take pleasure in a clean and sparkling home. Due to the fact that this look is minimal, minute objects perform a vital part in classifying the general décor.


Cottage log homeA sweet little cottage in the woods may seem quaint and unassuming, but Town + Country Cedar Homes designs are subtly fantastic. If you value comfort, small spaces and natural elements, then a cottage is the best luxury log home for you. Cottages are traditionally smaller and more compact than larger home designs. Illustrated by charm, purity and natural comfort, cottages reach perfection with little imperfections, some discoloration and an earthy, distressed look paired with crisp, white natural elements. Light, efficient and functional décor are becoming of these diminutive spaces. The great thing about these designs is that you can have that cute cottage with all the amenities of a Grand Lodge.


Seaside log homeA Town + Country Cedar Homes seaside design is typically characterized by its pitched roof and broad swath of windows on the anterior of the home. This wall of windows gives one the opportunity to enjoy nautical coastal views, or really any pleasing natural environment. Seek a seaside style if you desire a luxury log home that appears breezy, light and hospitable. It’s typically beachy palette, Symmetry and texture, and relaxed technique is fitting of individuals who benefit from a sense of freedom and have an optimistic outlook on life. You are just as likely to find this style on the cold, rocky shores of Maine as the landlocked desert of Utah.


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