Ask a particular individual about White Cedar and, three hours later, you will still be on one knee in the yard of the sawmill, hearing about “rings”, “heartwood” and fence posts buried seventy five years ago by someone named Bernie. It isn’t just White Cedar—it’s the best for custom cabin construction.

A sign hangs in the hallowed grounds of the Town + Country Cedar Homes workshop:
“The reverence that the object maker has for the materials, for the shape and for the miracle of his skill transcends God, the Master Craftsman, the Creator of all things, who uses us, our hands, as His tools to make these beautiful things.”

As with your most memorable meal or, possibly, favorite bottle of wine, it starts with the best ingredients and finishes with expert craftsmanship of your white log cedar home.

  • My friends still can’t believe you let me go out into the Cedar swamps to pick out my own twigs and branches for the home!

    ~ Claire E.
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