Conventional builders are found everywhere. The process can be wonderful, it can sometimes be a nightmare. Add luxury log home builders or timber frame log cabin construction and things get even more complicated: “Why do you want to do that? This is how we do that. I’ve never seen it done like that.”  The proverbial square peg, round hole… .

The Town + Country Cedar Homes process is taken to a different level and is very client specific. Some, just want the traditional “package” and plan on using builder relations in the family or friends to design or build their luxury log home, while others, want the arms-around approach that has been developed. Most companies follow a very traditional “rep” program and are not very flexible in their approach and offering. Our luxury log home design company builds networks of people who really understand what is done and then plug in levels of supervision from the company’s end, tailored, again, to the client’s ultimate design vision.

  • You all are going to think I am just some crazy old lady; I cry every time I walk in here. This is just so unbelievable! I’m just so happy!...

    ~ Nancy R.
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