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Island Time

February 28, 2018

st barth
St. Barth (photo cred RickyG)

Spring Break season is upon us and has many thinking about their favorite island, dreaming of relaxing with their favorite beverage while sampling the freshly prepared local cuisine, surrounded by their favorite getaway feel and style. Some yearn for barefoot cottagy, others, high-style, refined luxury. Quite honestly, not that indifferent to what we will be doing this same season – thinking islands…

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee … and White Cedar!

February 21, 2018

Very often here we talk about log home floor plans, timber frame truss design, log connections, flare bottoms, cottage style cedar shakes versus board and batten, etc., etc.. Many clients start their dream-home journey with those elements in mind. They search the two-dimensional universe of visuals on the internet and collect them in old school portfolios and digital idea books, file names like “LOG HOME FOORPLANS I LIKE”, “COOL TIMBER HOME INTERIORS”, “DREAM LOG CABIN EXTERIORS” – things we can see and touch. But what about the other senses? Read more

It’s All About Family

February 11, 2018

Glenwood log homeMore than wood goes into building a Town + Country home. Careful thought, research and planning precedes every build. Take our Glenwood model, for instance. This log home was built with a very specific type of family in mind.

Fewer and fewer families are staying in the homes they grew up in. Kids fly the coop. Parents downsize. As the families spread out across the country, they also grow. Many are looking for second homes that don’t just belong to Mom and Dad, but to the entire family.

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Let There Be Fire

January 26, 2018

It is safe to say, when presenting or describing their log home or timber frame home dream, EVERY client has a vision of the perfect fireplace. Many times, more than one. If our log home floorplans were jigsaw puzzles, many of the pieces would be fireplace, indoor and out…

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Change of Scenery

January 17, 2018

After 20 years spent living in the country’s fourth-most populous city, John and Shanna were ready for a change. But when the financial planner and computer programmer packed their bags and headed out of the Houston city limits, their final destination was a surprise even to them.

Originally the couple moved north to Minnesota. But the cold winters proved too much after two years in the Land of 1,000 Lakes, so the couple decided to journey west. In the mountains of Durango, Colorado, the couple discovered the perfect 12 acres for their new log home. And in the process of building it, they also began a business out of their new home. Read more

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