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Built From Memory

April 4, 2018

Log home built from memoryLog homes house many happy childhood memories for Charles and Margaret Ondrick. Margaret reminisces about visits to an aunt’s log home in Michigan. Charles remembers the great stone fireplace in the log cabin where his family stayed during fishing trips in Canada.

One day the Ondricks dreamed of owning a luxury log home their children and grandchildren could make memories in, too. Town + Country Cedar Homes helped make that wish a reality. Read more

Where’s the Remote?!

March 21, 2018

log home march madnessMarch Madness has millions of eyes locked on TVs across the planet. Cafes, pubs, and the Disneylands of fandom, the sports bar, where dozens of screens are carefully placed to never allow a static glance or field of vision devoid of action. Design here is simple – sensory overload. Quite the opposite of residential Cedar home design, where the one, ever-present question invariably finds its way into the client’s querying dialog, “Where do we put the TV???”, usually accompanied by a look of we-didn’t-think-of-this-early-enough horror…even though it was brought in to discussion in previous flow/design conversation…ahem  : ) Read more

Log Home Living … in Texas?

March 14, 2018

You don’t typically find log homes in Texas — and understandably. Timber is few and far between. The sun is strong and hot. It’s difficult to even find local log home builders.

Building a log home in Texas is a challenge. But Town + Country Cedar Homes never shies away from a challenge. Read more

Fire Breaks Out at Town+Country Cedar Homes Mill Overnight

March 7, 2018

Business at Town+Country unaffected despite damage to the company’s newly expanded sawmill.

Boyne Falls, MI — On Tuesday evening, March 6, a fire started at Town+Country Cedar Homes’ Michigan sawmill. No one was injured and damage is limited to one building that housed a recent sawmill expansion, completed in 2017. Buildings containing the company’s other mills remain fully operational.

Because damage was limited to one building on the property, Town+Country President Brad Baird said customers will be unaffected and business will continue to operate as usual. Company leaders said they have plans to rebuild the damaged mill as quickly as possible.

Read more

Island Time

February 28, 2018

st barth
St. Barth (photo cred RickyG)

Spring Break season is upon us and has many thinking about their favorite island, dreaming of relaxing with their favorite beverage while sampling the freshly prepared local cuisine, surrounded by their favorite getaway feel and style. Some yearn for barefoot cottagy, others, high-style, refined luxury. Quite honestly, not that indifferent to what we will be doing this same season – thinking islands…

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