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Modern Living with Rustic Roots

September 20, 2017

In Northern Michigan the transition from summer to fall begins to whisper with the changing, rustling leaves and cool breezes. What you’ll also find in places like Northern Michigan is that log cabins are not a thing of the past. Modern amenities reside comfortably alongside a rustic ascetic.

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‘Tis the Season

September 13, 2017

College Football Season

The best place to be early Saturday in the fall is surrounded by friends, outside of the stadium back at Michigan, Colorado or wherever you spent those carefree learned days…even Notre Dame. The aromas, the stocked cooler, the colors and old college buddies all combine to make the college football experience truly something special. But not all of us can get back to campus every Saturday. Here’s what we’ll be doing this coming Saturday at Casa White Cedar… Read more

From Ashes to a Second Chance

September 6, 2017

Before they were married with children, Jim and Darlyn Daratony went camping – sometimes up to 12 times a year – at their favorite spot in Leland, Michigan, near the white-sand beaches of Lake Michigan. Years later, in the early 1990s, they set out to build a dream home in the same location, which also happened to be Darlyn’s sister and brother-in-law, Chris and Bob had a home. Read more

“Go to Your Room!”

August 25, 2017

When it comes to accommodating company, bunk rooms are a fun way to make your loved ones and guests feel cozy and up for adventure in your Cedar home. Bunk beds don’t have to look like utilitarian army barracks and require less space, so you can sleep extra guests. The more the better…

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