Timber Retreat for A Globe-Trotting Couple

Exterior, horizontal, side elevation. Whitestone residence. Town and Country Cedar Homes.

Bruce and Gloria Whitestone have traveled the world, but when it came time to select a location for their vacation home, they were drawn to the Telluride, Colorado, area. Perhaps it was the region’s spectacular views and endless activities that stole their hearts. Or maybe it was the picturesque setting that’s often compared to Switzerland. Chances are, it was a bit of both.

When they happened upon the plot of land on which they decided to build their timber framed home, the Whitestones knew they were in for a challenge. Situated on one-tenth of an acre, the property is skinny and sloping. It’s also located in Knoll Estates, a resort community that places some restrictions on new builds. Not to mention they’d be dealing with the harsh Telluride elements, and most of the design and build would take place while the couple was traveling thousands of miles away.

But with the help of Town + Country Cedar Homes, the Whitestones now enjoy a 5-bedroom vacation timber home with more than 2,500-square feet of living space. The gorgeous Cedar siding and beams were a logical choice for Telluride, due to their strength and durability, and the stone used on the foundation and exterior stand up to the lush, marshy environment of the area. Even the high-altitude windows were carefully chosen, and are built to endure strong winds and sun without hindering views of the San Juan Mountains outside.

Download the PDF to tour the home.

  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.