The New SUV

…or Sport Utility Vacationhome

I’m a log home fanatic … and an automobile fanatic. After recently reading an article about how SUV’s are overtaking sports cars in popularity, it got me thinking about how those worlds truly intersect and how we have actually redefined a segment of the vacation home market without really knowing it …

Before designing and building a log home in the late 90’s, my transportation choice was fairly one dimensional — sports cars. Two seats, high style, one purpose — make me smile. Interestingly, my pre-log home home-style matched – clean, contemporary, compact, designed to make me smile. Fast forward to a wife, two boys, an activity/sports filled calendar, a change in business/career, my style changed. More specifically, my lifestyle changed. So, how does this “it’s all about me” lookback relate to Cedar home design and Sport Utility Vehicles? This lifestyle changed everything, the most evident, of course, the replacement of “me” to “we”. How we cooked. How we ate. How we relaxed. How we slept. How we got around. How we hauled things. How we interacted. And, most importantly, how we spent our free time … our quality time. What we needed was what today’s family of two adults, 1.7 kids, a dog and two cats needs — an SUV… but without the horsepower and big rubber. An SUV of homes.

To define this new sub-category of leisure architecture, we only have to go as far as the AUTO section of the newsstand — Car & Driver, Motortrend, Automobile Magazine:

“combines utility, handsome good looks and multiple capabilities”

“feelings of strength and security”

“duty-ness, durability, stability, looks, reliability”

“follow your own path, not the herd …”

In reality, they may actually be speaking about the latest/greatest sport ute debuting on stage at the International Auto Show, but could not have nailed add copy any better for a log home design of ours, built dozens and dozens of times over, The Boyne Log Home, our Sport Utility Vacationhome.

Boyne Log Home Design

The Boyne log home design

Boyne log home floorplans

The Boyne log home floorplans

log bunkhouseCustom made log lockers

Log bunkhouse and multi-use custom lockers

  • Classic log cabin design
  • Flexible design options: garage, extra storage, expanded decks, multiple laundry rooms…
  • Can sleep the family/relatives, the soccer team, the percussion section, the wine weekend women, the golf crew, wakeboarders/skiers/sailors/bikers … plus, handle all required “equipment”…
  • Central gathering.
  • Cozy for two, enough floorplan muscle for more.
  • It’s a Town + Country Cedar Log Home.

It will make you smile …

And if this SUV doesn’t check off all of your boxes, unlike the auto industry, we will custom design, produce and build a one-of-a-kind one for you … Get inspired by our other floorplans.

  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.