Retiring on the Water

When Bob and Julie Knode arrive at their retirement log home, they barely have to regain their sea legs. The couple spends four months out of the year sailing; the rest of the time they live in their beachfront log home on Lake Michigan.

Their 1.2-acre property was built on the site of a former girls’ camp and even boasts its own marina — a fitting locale for the seafaring couple. Town + Country Cedar Homes helped ensure that the 3,158-square-foot home that sits on the land is equally perfect for Bob and Julie’s shore-side lifestyle.

Bob and Julie discovered Town + Country Cedar Homes through an ad while they were living in Chicago, Illinois. They contacted Town + Country Cedar Home, and arranged a visit to the headquarters in Northern Michigan, and enjoyed a night’s stay in a Town + Country’s log home. They toured many model timber frame homes and log homes from other companies, but decided on contracting Town + Country to handle every aspect of the design and build.

One of the first steps was choosing the wood from which to construct the residence. Northern White Cedar was the natural choice for a variety of reasons: it’s versatile and can be stained a variety of shades and tints; it has a cell structure that resists damage and decay caused by mold and mildew; and it boasts a low moisture content that lowers the risk of checking, shrinking and other damage.

Once they settled on Northern White Cedar, Bob and Julie worked closely with Town + Country to design and build a new log home. Their custom log home created a natural space that complements with the natural Lake Michigan beauty surrounding it.

Download the PDF to tour the home.

  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.