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Home Gym tech, tips and trends to help keep that New Year’s Resolution

2017 New Year's Resolutions You uttered those words again, didn’t you. People heard you. Some of you even put it out there on social media for half of the planet to bear witness: “I will exercise more, eat healthier and lose weight in 2017!”

The Champagne has worn off, there are 286 likes on your Facebook proclamation and, reality is, your scale reflects three more pounds of holiday fun since you decided to declare war on that sedentary lifestyle. Where to start?…

We have always looked at our homes as more than just “things”. As our tag line suggests, LIFESTYLES, CRAFTED IN CEDAR, we try and concern ourselves in not just designing way-over-the-top-cool looking spaces, but all aspects of how clients will use these spaces, how they will feel in these spaces. So, in this specific case, our job is to make sure you do not feel like overweight, unhealthy, inactive failures. Our thoughts:

This Power Personal Weight Rack and Bench is the latest addition to Technogym’s high-performance home gym equipment line designed by Italian architect Antonio Citterio, who has created furniture for firms such as B&B Italia. The weight rack includes a precision glide-and-lock system for safety and ease of use. Adjustable arms work as a spotter for doing squats. A built-in pull-up bar crowns the minimalist structure. The bench is made from a supportive, dense, memory foam-like material and is wrapped in a high-grip, sweat-resistant upholstery. Its lever makes height adjustments seamless, and wheels make it a snap to align in place with the rack. A chrome version (shown here) is also available.

Starting at $8,000

Most home fitness machines bring a piece of hardware into your home. Peloton has a much bigger picture approach: it merges gym quality equipment with expert instruction, uniquely effective motivation, data and metrics, and more classes, teachers and options than any brick and mortar facility could dream of offering. Peloton is a “smart bike,” combining a single wheel exercise bike similar to those used for various branded programs like Spinning, Flywheel or Soul Cycle type classes, with cutting edge technology. It comes with a 21.5 inch Wi-Fi enabled 1080 High Definition flat screen monitor above the handlebars. It uses your home WiFi to stream both “live” classes from its physical NYC studio in real time, and an unbelievable treasure trove of past classes on-demand – more than three thousand of them. You “compete” against a leaderboard consisting of everyone else who has done the ride you choose, with your standing updated in real time. Unless you are doing it live, it is all against historical records. If you do choose to participate live (there are ten or more daily studio classes) you will truly be a virtual member of the studio – the instructor can see your stats and call you out personally just as if you were in the same room.

$1,995 plus $250 for delivery and in-home setup

Matching the ease of Keurig coffee pods and the quality of Nespresso, the Juicero makes cold-pressed, organic juices from refrigerated individual juice packs containing chopped and triple-washed fruit and vegetable blends with zero preservatives. The packs ($5 to $7 apiece) are shipped overnight in insulated boxes to your doorstep and can be ordered via Juicero’s app or website in bundles of five. The system requires no cleanup. Upon delivery, the Juicero machine requires manual syncing to a smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection so it can scan packs to ensure freshness before each juicing. Through the app, users can also view inventory and learn about pack contents and sourcing. To juice, place one bag into the machine, press the LED button, and wait three minutes as 8 ounces of super-fresh juice makes its way from pack to glass. Flavors range from sweet or spicy greens for the densest nutrient hits to a range of beet and carrot-based blends.


You now have all the equipment, technology and gadgets, old school and latest trending. What’s to keep it all from becoming tomorrows cloths drying racks? An In-Home Personal Trainer, that’s what. An in-home personal trainer is like a trainer you would find at the gym BUT instead of traveling to them and wasting time as well as gas, they come to you. There is no escape when the workout meets you at your front door-step and the only other person in the room is your trainer. No wasted time driving to and from; no extra stops at Starbuck’s for a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino…

Cost varies

Local gym network

There is a little known two-week grace period on these resolutions. You could make it much easier on yourself, and us, if you just took back those words and just declared: “I will finally build my dream home!”

You know that resolution will last…


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