A Hidden, Custom Home

Custom timber frame home When David and Deborah Bender were searching for property to custom build a vacation home, they had one goal in mind: to get as far away as possible from their home in Alabama. If they were hoping for a change of scenery, that’s exactly what they got. The Benders traded the Gulf Coast for the craggy peaks of the Rocky Mountains on 86 isolated acres outside of Telluride, Colorado.

With the help of Town + Country Cedar Homes, the Benders built a beautiful half-log home using materials that stand up to their high-altitude locale. Northern White Cedar was a natural choice for the custom home, which lacks tree protection. Its closed-cell structure repels moisture and rot — perfect for a home that sits out in the elements, and qualities that David, a boat-builder, could appreciate. The half-log, post-and-beam construction achieves the rugged look of stacked logs but also features 2×6 framed walls with extra insulation to protect against blustering winds and direct sun. Even the home’s roofline, which looks almost Asian-inspired, is purposeful. The design protects the Bender’s custom home from high-altitude sunshine and heavy snow loads — both of which you won’t find on the Gulf Coast.

Download the PDF to tour this custom home.

  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.