You Say “To-may-to,” I say “To-mah-to”

IPE – the wood no one can pronounce

We love our White Cedar, but, in our never ending pursuit of the best, when it comes to open-to-the-elements outdoor deck surfaces, exposed to Mother Nature’s fury, even we have to concede to the tougher-than-nails Brazilian miracle wood – IPE. For you “to-mah-to” people that’s pronounced “ee-pay”.

Handroanthus spp., Brazilian Walnut, Lapacho – call it what you like, IPE is a beautiful product. Just think about having the nicest looking hardwood floor out on your deck. The best thing is that it lasts for a very long time without really any effort. It’s too hard for termites and it has the same fire rating as concrete and steel. It’s very strong so you can have the floor joists further apart and use less wood. IPE is an environmentally responsible choice which naturally resists rot, decay, insects, and mold without the use of toxic chemicals used in other decking products. It is naturally fire resistant and has been awarded an ‘A1’ rating. Additionally, IPE is an incredibly strong, dense wood, harvested from naturally sustainable forests.

  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.