Old School v. New School: Lakefront Cedar Living

Client (him – LL Bean plaid pajama pants, ‘A bad day fishing beats a good day at the office’ coffee mug in hand): “It’s an original Boyne Falls log cabin, Town + Country’s roots. We want to replace it with a 21st century White Cedar log home.”

Client (her – Prada beach wrap, DG glasses, Mimosa): “Yes, but not so rustic.”

Client (him): “Okay, but with logs, yes?”

Client (her): “I was thinking something a bit more modern.”

Client (him): “Sure. Modern, clean, no creaky floors…But it has to have White Cedar logs.”

Us: “I have an idea…”

Client (him): Remember, this is a cabin.”

Client (her): “Cottage.”

Client (him): “Cottage, whatever. We are not talking Robb Report here. We come up here to the log home five weeks a year, total. This new replacement White Cedar cottage (nod) needs to be economical.”

Client (her): “But stylish”

Client (him): “Sure. Stylish…but reasonable, not Beverley Hills.”

Us: “Got it. White Cedar Lakefront cottage, stylish, but value-engineered (bang-for-the-buck…).”

Client (kids): “With separate cool bedrooms this time and our own hangout spot.”

Us: “Got it.”

Old school log home floor plan catalog companies never had this client dynamic in mind…

As we do with all our clients and homes, custom concept sketches were quickly produced, taking into account both his and her crossed arm postures and wish lists, plus the family’s “have to haves”, of course. To add to the mix, a narrow lake lot, often the case on inland lakes, setbacks, mature trees, site lines, proximity to neighbors, cross breezes; this was going to be a slightly more advanced jig saw puzzle. And let’s not forget that budget…

X White Cedar cottage style home

X Narrow lake lot floorplan

X Log home, but not a log home

X Value engineered


Client (both, plus kids): “How did you do that?” “You nailed it!” “Sweet…”

Modern lakefront cottage floorplan on a narrow lake lot

Contemporary Cedar home design

He got his White Cedar log home… ; )

To see photos of this modern version of this “White Cedar log home”, visit Houzz.


  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.