Need a Lift?

No, not the Uber or Red Bull kind, we’re talking boats and personal watercraft.

The Earth’s angle is finally back in our favor and many of our clients are looking to break out those toys of the season. But, this ritual often first entails tangled wires, grease fittings and servicing belts/gearboxes – the lift station. And not to mention, the aesthetics of these dinosaurs; unsightly, metal contraptions that spoil the waterfront view. We have found THE solution – No Profile Boat Lifts. (Thanks for the tip, Pete!)

As you know, we have been in business since 1947. That’s 70 years. That means we have been around the block a few times and can usually spot the real deal, the innovators, the ones who “get it”. No Profile gets it. When the first No Profile Boat Lift was unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show, it won the prestigious Innovation Award. Aesthetically pleasing. Ruggedly reliable. Mechanically superior. With their hydraulic technology, they have engineered out the typical problems found in those old-school, conventional lifts. No more ducking under, or stepping over, beams to access your vessel. No more balancing acts to clean or service your vessel. No more leveling problems. The beauty of the design is obvious, but it’s the things you can’t see that are the most impressive.

No Profile Boat Lifts


  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.