“Go to Your Room!”

When it comes to accommodating company, bunk rooms are a fun way to make your loved ones and guests feel cozy and up for adventure in your Cedar home. Bunk beds don’t have to look like utilitarian army barracks and require less space, so you can sleep extra guests. The more the better…

There are an infinite amount of layouts and configurations.

  • You can accommodate adults as well as little ones, using a twin-over-queen bed setup. Kids can climb up top and grownups (or older siblings) can stretch out on the lower level.
  • Beds can be in an L-shape instead of parallel, because the feet of the lower bunks are underneath the uppers, there’s no need to worry about bumped heads.
  • Bunks can be positioned in the corner. This can free up enough space for a desk, dresser or small play area. Flush-mount sconces can provide reading light in the bunks without taking up floor space and provide individual on-off switches.
  • A wide hallway can even work.

And let’s not forget about an aspect we adults love about our homes, the Great Room. A kids’ hangout, even if it’s just a loft or portion of the bunkroom, provides one terrific element to the family gathering – containment. They will be much more comfortable if they have a space to call their own, with a TV, video game console, charging ports and a place to store their gear.




  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.