2015 Holiday Design Trends

Decorating for the holidays is a way to welcome the season into your home and will help make this time of year special for you and your loved ones. You can give your holiday look a new flair with these nine design trends for the 2015 holiday season.

Incorporate fresh white flowers into your design

Bring the feel of the season to your interior space with bouquets of fresh white flowers throughout your home. A vase of simple white tulips on an end table, an elegant centerpiece of white lilies, or paper whites planted in mason jars will add an elegant touch to your home.

holiday-decoratingMatch your holiday color scheme to your home’s existing décor.

A popular trend this year is to blend your holiday decorations with your existing interior color scheme – even if this means using non-traditional colors such as beige and cream. Use metallic accents such as gold, silver, and bronze to compliment your day-to-day design and give it some holiday sparkle.


Go white with pops of color

To create a crisp, clean holiday look that is super modern, use white as your main color base and accent it with pops of color. For example, set your table in all white and incorporate bouquets of bright red and pink flowers. Another idea is to spray-paint your traditional ornaments white and accent them with multi-colored strands of lights on your tree.

Blue hues

Blue has been popular as a main color in holiday design schemes for a few years now. In 2015, the trend is to mix different shades of blue with gold and champagne tones. This is a subtle change from the past style of mixing blue with white and silver.

A twist on the traditional red and green

Not ready to let go of traditional the red and green design scheme? You can still update your look by using white as your primary color and incorporating varying shades of reds/pinks and greens into your design. Complete the look by using whimsical decorations such as candy canes, elf-shaped ornaments, or a snowman’s top hat as a tree topper.

Mix of metals

Silver and gold are traditional staples of the holidays. This year incorporate a mix of metals – everything from platinum, copper, bronze, and pewter – into your design. Try creating a centerpiece of old heirloom candlesticks, or fill large glass vases with metallic-colored silver bells and ornaments.

Go natural

A softer holiday look is to use wood tones as a main theme. Accent light wood hues with white for a classic Scandinavian design. Or mix darker shades of wood with reds and greens for a more traditional look. Keep it trendy for 2015 by including forest creatures like foxes, squirrels, and owls. Another trend this year is to dress your front door with three small garland wreaths (vertically stacked), rather than one large wreath.

Decorate often forgotten spaces

Don’t forget to decorate your fireplace, staircase, doors, windows, tables, and even chairs. Wreaths, candles, and bowls of ornaments make these spaces warm and cozy. String faux berries or garland around hanging pendant lights. Dress up your windows with a painted holiday scene or a simple garland wreath. Swap out your throw pillows for the holidays as a quick and easy way to make your space more festive. Spruce up outdoor spaces with bright lanterns and oversized ornaments.

Update your tree

The Christmas tree is a staple in holiday decorating. Whether you choose a fresh cut evergreen or a faux tree, update it for 2015 by creating a unique topper. Ceiling-suspended toppers made of ribbon and glass bulb ornaments are trendy this year. Also popular are monogram toppers and disco ball toppers.

Enjoy all the festivities of the season!

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