Custom Timber Frame Homes

Combine log home beauty with innovative timber frame construction

T+C Cedar Homes custom designs and builds timber frame homes for homeowners who want it all: the rustic aesthetic of a log home combined with the modern conveniences of a timber frame.

Timber Frame Construction

In traditional log home construction, logs are stacked one on top of the other to create interior and exterior walls. In timber frame home construction, we use load-bearing posts and beams to form the bones of your new home. We then enclose the area between the beams with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). The final result is a beautiful home that puts exposed timbers on display while offering homeowners endless design opportunities and other luxuries.

Timber Frame Conveniences

  • Timber frame homes save money. Timber frame home construction requires less wood, less labor and fewer pieces of heavy — and expensive — equipment such as cranes during building. Plus, wiring, plumbing and HVAC can all be easily incorporated behind the walls.
  • Timber frame homes are environmentally friendly. Less wood means your home will require fewer trees. We’ll help reduce your carbon footprint even further by using Northern White Cedar for your custom timber frame home, which requires little processing and treatment compared to other wood varieties.
  • Timber frame homes are energy-efficient. They offer your family exceptional protection against the elements. A timber frame construction creates space behind walls and in ceilings for extra insulation so your home will stay comfortable year-round. Plus, you’ll save on heating and cooling expenses.
  • Custom timber frame homes create design flexibility. With timber frame home construction, we can mix and match your building materials to suite your specific design style, from drywall and tile to beadboard and wallpaper. Outside, we can pair log siding with cedar shingles and natural stone. Because interior walls aren’t needed for structural support in a timber frame home, we can help you design a wide-open floorplan complete with high ceilings and expansive windows.

Trust Town + Country to Build Your Custom Timber Frame Home

When you choose timber frame home construction and design, you can truly build the home of your dreams, without compromise. Town + Country will work with you at every step of the design and build to bring your vision to life. We are your partner throughout the entire process, listening to your ideas and lending our own expert advice and services to create a timber frame home that complements your lifestyle, your budget and your location. All you have to do is move in.

We are your architect. We are your builder. We are your engineer and your project manager. We’re Town + Country Cedar Homes, and we want to help you design and build a custom timber frame home your family will live in and love for generations.


  • My friends still can’t believe you let me go out into the Cedar swamps to pick out my own twigs and branches for the home!

    ~ Claire E.
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