Custom Log Homes

timber frame home

We build more than log homes.
We build lifestyles.

Where’s your ideal log home locale? Deep in the woods? High in the mountains? Alongside a hidden lake? Wherever you dream of getting away, Town + Country Cedar Homes can build a log home that looks in its element — and makes you feel in yours.

Log Home Construction

As a log home producer, Town + Country Cedar Homes will handle the design and construction of your new log home from start to finish. Our mountain house design team will work with you to discover what’s most important to you and your family. What memories do you dream of creating in your new home? What speaks to you and feeds your soul? What elements of your land are the most beautiful to you? We’ll design a log home that enriches the land around it and will become the perfect reflection of your lifestyle.

Log Home Conveniences

  • Log homes are as beautiful as their surroundings. Our milled Northern White Cedar logs are similar in shape and size to create uniformity, but maintain the natural, rustic appearance homeowners desire in log homes.
  • Log homes are resilient. Our wood of choice for your custom log home is strong, sturdy Northern White Cedar. This wood provides natural protection against the elements and pests to ensure your home will last for years and years. Learn more about why we prefer building log homes from White Cedar.
  • Log homes are sustainable. Being a renewable resource, wood is an environmentally responsible building material. The Northern White Cedar used by our log home builders requires little processing and treatment compared to other woods.
  • Log homes are energy-efficient. Northern White Cedar is extremely insulative, and its thermal mass helps heat and cool your home more efficiently.

Choose Town + Country to Craft Your Custom Log Home

At Town + Country, we get to know you and the land surrounding your new home before we begin design. Only once we understand your wish list and vision for life in your log home will our log home designers and builders begin their work.

We promise you attention to detail, a keen eye for quality and meticulous project management that will keep your project on schedule and within budget. Of course, we will keep you informed about the building process from our first conversation to the moment we’re putting on the final touches.

We are your architect. We are your builder. We are your engineer and your project manager. We’re Town + Country Cedar Homes, and we want to help you design and build a custom log home your family will live in and love for generations.

  • I don’t know how you did that. We were clueless on how to communicate to you what we wanted, because we didn’t even know what we wanted—and then you designed what we wanted…I just don’t get it. Awesome!

    ~ Karlis V.
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