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Custom Log Home Designers & Builders

Lifestyles crafted in Cedar

Your Inspiration, Our Craftsmanship

Town + Country Cedar Homes transforms ideas into custom homes

Whether it's a luxury custom log home or a handcrafted timber home, a contemporary mountain architectural marvel or a Thoreau log cabin in the woods—it's your new home. But, as a toes-in-the-sand stroll on the beach or a mountain trail hike with almost endless vistas reminds us—it’s not just the destination, but also the journey that is important.

Thoughts from Town + Country Cedar Homes

Perfectly Balanced

cowell-exteriorWhen Deborah Guerrera and Casey Cowell married, they knew they needed to find a bigger space for their blended family of seven — and fast. A mere fifteen months later they moved into their custom home near Traverse City and the shores of Lake Michigan. Read more

Town + Country Christmas Catalogue — 2016 Edition

A few stocking stuffer ideas for that new White Cedar home of yours…

Speedster Espresso – Kees van der Westen

When this DutchSpeedster Espresso Makers designer debuted the Speedster in 2001, the appliance was a shiny toy for a few well-connected pals: He hot-rodded La Marzoccos, producing souped-up machines with torqued profiles. By 2008, when the Speedster was reintroduced as a production model in Copenhagen, van der Westen had broken with La Marzocco. The Speedster is now geared to the espresso obsessed, not the casual user, and is much more bespoke than ready-to-wear. $11,000, www.keesvanderwesten.com

Read more

Deck the Halls … Please!

Russ Griswold: “Dad, that thing will never fit in our front yard.”
Clark Griswold: “It’s not going in our yard, it’s going in our living room!”


Although Christmas trees first appeared in America in the 1700s, the emergence of the modern Christmas tree actually dates back to 15th and 16th century Europe. Evergreens were used first in church plays at Christmas and were hung with apples to symbolize a Paradise tree. Paradise trees later found their way into homes, where they were adorned with small white wafers, and later, small pastries cut into stars, angels, hearts and flowers. During the next 200 years, this custom slowly spread and eventually found its way to America, where the tradition of decorating with candles and tiny lanterns gave way to the modern phenomenon of electric illumination. Read more