All Roads Lead Home

A series of serendipitous decisions led Michael and Kathy Kincaid to their 4,414-square-foot log home on a wooded, 10-acre lot in Wisconsin.

Kathy discovered the property while taking a chance drive down a road that had opened only a few months before. As she meandered down the pavement, she spotted a sign that said “Wooded Lots Available.” Curious, she got out of the car, trekked onto the property and stepped onto the land where they would one day build their dream home.

First, that home had to take shape. So, Michael and Kathy walked through model homes and parades of homes to gather ideas and inspiration. During a visit to Northern Michigan the couple found a log home they loved inside and out, from the White Cedar exterior to the wood posts, beams and trusses inside. This log home was different. The design and build created exactly the look they wanted: a wood home that didn’t look like a traditional log home. The builder happened to be Town + Country Cedar Homes.

The Kincaid’s worked with Town + Country to create their own log home. Together they developed plans, chose materials and finishes, and watched their log home come to life.

The finished Kincaid residence includes everything they loved about that Town + Country log home they had walked through — beautiful White Cedars and impressive craftsmanship — with additional special touches the couple chose to create a home they’d never want to leave.

Download the PDF to tour the home.

  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.