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Whether it's a luxury custom log home or a handcrafted timber home, a contemporary mountain architectural marvel or a Thoreau log cabin in the woods—it's your new home. But, as a toes-in-the-sand stroll on the beach or a mountain trail hike with almost endless vistas reminds us—it’s not just the destination, but also the journey that is important.

Thoughts + Musings from Town + Country Cedar Homes

The Forest Through the Trees

Northern White Cedar

cedar with ice on the branches

Northern White Cedar, or Thuja occidentalis, is a small to medium sized tree that can be found along streams, in bogs and cedar swamps. It is easily recognized by its small, flat, scale-like leaves that are tightly bound to the twigs. Small cones are often present. When crushed, the needles will produce an aromatic cedar smell. When lumbermen first entered the vast forests where the Northern White Cedar grew, they instead harvested the abundant white pine. Except for furnishing decay-resistant wood to shingle bunkhouses, the Northern White Cedar was ignored.

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