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Custom Log Home Builders & Designers

Lifestyles crafted in Cedar

Your Inspiration, Our Craftsmanship

Town + Country Cedar Log Homes transforms ideas into custom homes

Whether it's a luxury custom log home or a handcrafted timber home, a contemporary mountain architectural marvel or a Thoreau log cabin in the woods—it's your new home. But, as a toes-in-the-sand stroll on the beach or a mountain trail hike with almost endless vistas reminds us—it’s not just the destination, but also the journey that is important.

Thoughts + Musings from Town + Country Cedar Homes

White Cedar Burger …That’s figurative, not literal, please!

white cedar burgerI was sitting in my “office” yesterday, contemplating the menu for the upcoming holiday weekend, Memorial Day. As it often is, the local familial clan will be gathering at our home, a Town + Country White Cedar log home, to remember and to celebrate what those who fought and fell have given us.

Somehow, our home receives that honor often, but the draw of a White Cedar log home is a topic for another day and another blog; plus, if you are reading a White Cedar Burger blog on a log home website, you probably already have a pretty good idea about that concept! ; )

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