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Whether it's a luxury custom log home or a handcrafted timber home, a contemporary mountain architectural marvel or a Thoreau log cabin in the woods—it's your new home. But, as a toes-in-the-sand stroll on the beach or a mountain trail hike with almost endless vistas reminds us—it’s not just the destination, but also the journey that is important.

Thoughts + Musings from Town + Country Cedar Homes

Split Decision

Once again, the outdoor chores of this log home lifestyle have got us thinking. Thinking about those specific chores, about options available, about the abstract, about cost/benefit analysis. This time it’s cost /benefit analysis of firewood. We have already discussed, and continue to discuss, at length, the trade-offs of gas v log fireplaces; that is left for a different time and place. For this discussion, we are sticking with the sheer antiquity of burning wood for heat and ambiance and going old-school fireplace, the type a log homes and ski lodge are designed around – a big, focal, Volkswagon-sized boulder, wood burning fireplace, the kind that swallows hardwoods like cocktail wieners. Read more

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