When “Can I get a Pony?” Grows Up

Arenas, Arabians, bridles, breeders, stalls and stallions – terminology of the horse world. Fredrick Remington, Far Niente, Rolex, Ralph Lauren, Weatherbys and White Cedar…Town + Country White Cedar – Terminology of the equestrian world. It’s about the whole package, the life … the style.

Rocketbuster Handmade Custom Boots

Rocketbuster Handmade Custom Boots are designed, cut, carved, stitched, and assembled in an eclectic brick warehouse building in the historic Union Plaza District of downtown El Paso, in the good ol’ USA…..”We do it by hand the old fashioned way…..it’s not fast…. and it’s definitely not easy…. but we are always up for the challenge and YES…. We’re just that crazy!”


Ford F250 King Ranch Edition

Refined, understated, luxurious. Ranch transportation of choice for George W. The only empties one will find rolling around the bed are Crystal and Caymus…


Featherlite Villa Custom Horse Trailer

This 53′ horse trailer is the pinnacle of of living quarters and is sure to turn heads at any event…


Cutting Horse

Top-notch cutting horses are expensive; the show entry fees are high; and buying and maintaining cows is costly. But with these agile animals, you could win a standoff with a squirrel if you really felt like it…


Fredric Remington Bronze



We might not have invented the marriage of log homes and horses, but we sure have worked on perfecting it.

Yes, we built this too…


  • I have more questions and concerns about getting an oil-change than I do about this project.

    ~ Tom H.