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April 26, 2017

Work-at-home spaces

Wasn’t it Tim McGraw who sang something about “Six lanes, tail lights. Red ants marching into the night. Disappear to the left and right again…” That’s a snapshot of many weekend warriors’ Sunday nights, this, after retreating to the weekend home to “relax”, “unwind” and “decompress”. Contrary to what many believe to be sacrilege, this re-stressing after de-stressing is exactly why many of our clients have us design work spaces into their workweek getaways. Sundays become Fundays. Mondays become “workations” – Work in your pajamas. Have breakfast and coffee…at a table…with sunrise over the lake, rather than from a bag and a cup holder. Send reports to your wifi printer from a chase lounge, while sipping a Margarita (our idea of a “sweatshop”).

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Retiring on the Water

April 19, 2017

When Bob and Julie Knode arrive at their retirement log home, they barely have to regain their sea legs. The couple spends four months out of the year sailing; the rest of the time they live in their beachfront log home on Lake Michigan.

Their 1.2-acre property was built on the site of a former girls’ camp and even boasts its own marina — a fitting locale for the seafaring couple. Town + Country Cedar Homes helped ensure that the 3,158-square-foot home that sits on the land is equally perfect for Bob and Julie’s shore-side lifestyle.

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40 Killer Eats You Gotta Taste Now!

April 12, 2017

Add These Local Dishes to Your Bucket List

In the neighborhood, touring with us?

Thinking about vacationing in our backcountry?

Our friends from Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine can help.

We guarantee you can’t make it through this article without drooling. It’s too delicious. Fried dough painted with maple frosting; piles of smoky, saucy pulled pork; a chicken and waffles fantasy

… your stomach is already growling…

Northern Michigan foodie bests

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You Say “To-may-to,” I say “To-mah-to”

April 5, 2017

IPE – the wood no one can pronounce

We love our White Cedar, but, in our never ending pursuit of the best, when it comes to open-to-the-elements outdoor deck surfaces, exposed to Mother Nature’s fury, even we have to concede to the tougher-than-nails Brazilian miracle wood – IPE. For you “to-mah-to” people that’s pronounced “ee-pay”.

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All Roads Lead Home

March 29, 2017

A series of serendipitous decisions led Michael and Kathy Kincaid to their 4,414-square-foot log home on a wooded, 10-acre lot in Wisconsin.

Kathy discovered the property while taking a chance drive down a road that had opened only a few months before. As she meandered down the pavement, she spotted a sign that said “Wooded Lots Available.” Curious, she got out of the car, trekked onto the property and stepped onto the land where they would one day build their dream home.

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  • Did you get anywhere close to the dream? THAT is the understatement of the year! You blew us away with what you drew up in such a short time!

    ~ Bill N. and Margaret B.